CRUX PPC is a volunteer driven non-profit project based on the releases of CRUX for x86.

Unlike other distributions, the primary goal of CRUX is not to be the most popular (read: biggest number of users) or to put as many features as possible into the system. The idea is rather to build a streamlined distribution, targeted at a specific audience which in turn gets a system without compromises. The result may not be the best distribution for everybody, but as mentioned above, that's not the goal. If you're part of the target audience however, you might enjoy running CRUX just as much as we do.

It's quite hard to do an objective comparison of linux distributions, since it's often a matter of taste. We therefore believe that you should compare potential candidates yourself, and choose the one you like best. One thing you should remember is that CRUX is targetted at experienced users who don't mind doing some work themselves, so if you're an completely new to Linux-based operating systems or want a zero-effort distribution, CRUX is not the optimal choice.
Also, especially new users sometimes confuse a deliberately omitted feature with a lack thereof and suggest it as an "improvement"; you do yourself and us a favour if you try to get yourself adjusted to CRUX for a while before making suggestions to seemingly improve the system; many of the developers have been working with various Linux distributions already and are quite aware of their features.

touchscreen kiosk powered by CRUX PPC on Genesi Efika (Freescale MPC5200B SoC) with a 3M MicroTouch

The CRUX PPC Team:


Nico (aka Acrux) got involved in "Progetto CRUX Italia" in 2003 and from March 2006 is here in the CRUX PPC team as core developer, beta tester and ports maintainer.


Giuseppe (aka /Home) is in charge as responsible for our own web/services server housing at Universita' degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II".

here the retired members and who contributed in the past.